First Alert Alarm System

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If you have got kids – doesn’t matter how old – the FirstAlert Alarm system is something can come in handy. What it is, is a magnetic door and window alarm system that lets you know when a door or window in your home is opened.

Aside from the obvious features of scaring off intruders when they open a door or window to your home, it can be used to help you protect your children.

If you have small children then you know how quickly they can get themselves into trouble. It doesn’t take
long for them to get into cupboards or even open the door to your home and go outside. With First-Alert you can know the instant they open a door. You can use these alarms on any door, window, cupboard door or interior door in your home.

The thing I like the most about the FirstAlertAlarm is how easy it is to install. No expensive installations or complicated wiring. You just peel the adhesive backing, stick the unit in place and turn on the switch.

First Alert Alarm System No Longer Available At This Site