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Steinhausen Watch


Steinhausen Watches are the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe or collection. The Steinhausen Watch Company has revived a truly classic watch – only a few were made in 1923 and they are now available again.

In 1923, Stienhausen watches were the most advanced watches of their time. Since only a few were made, they were the most sought after classic watches in the world and seen only in very exclusive collections. Today, Steinhausen Direct makes these fine timepieces available at a very affordable price. They are still one of the most precise and accurate, not to mention most classy watches in the world.

Steinhausen Watch features:

  • No winding or batteries needed
  • Scratch resistant glass made of polished mineral crystal
  • Enamel ivory face with classic roman numerals
  • Surgical grade stainless steel casing
  • Brown and black genuine leather bands
  • Mahogany felt-lined case

Steinhausen Classic Watches are available in either gold or silver. For a limited time you can take a 30 day trial of the Steinhausen Watch straight from Steinhausen Direct.