Little Giant Ladder As Seen On TV

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Little Giant Ladders are one of the handiest things you can have around your home. It seems like every job requires a different ladder so you are forced to have a step ladder (sometimes 2 different sizes) and at least one extension ladder. All these ladders take up valuable space in the garage and buying so many ladders can be very expensive. Suppose you want to clean a ceiling fan in your home or do some interior painting – have you ever tried maneuvering a bulky step ladder through your house? I have and I can attest to the fact that it cost me quite a few dings in the walls. This is where the Little Giant Ladder System comes in very handy!


The Little Giant Ladder System is actually 24 ladders in one and takes up the storage space of one small step ladder. There are 3 different sizes and the largest can extend up to 23 feet. Little Giant Ladders convert into different sizes of step ladders, and can even be used safely on uneven ground and even stairs! The LittleGiantLadder also converts into two trussels for scaffolding. To buy all of these ladders seperately would cost you over $800 for ladders of the same quality as the Little Giant.

The Little Giant Ladder Does All This and More!

Little Giant Ladder Systems are truly the strongest, safest, and most versatile ladder systems available. They don’t flex like other ladders and you will feel safe even at the very top. There simply is not a ladder system on the market that can do as much for as little as the Little Giant Ladder System.

Little Giant Ladder No Longer Available At This Site