Robo Maid Robotic Duster

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Robo Maid Robotic Duster


Ok well it’s not exactly a robot maid like you’d see in the sci-fi movies – it doesn’t cook dinner or make the beds, but it IS a very useful thing to have around the home, especially if you have any amount of non-carpeted areas such as tile, hardwood, or linoleum.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but I just had to give the RoboMaid cleaner a try. I was very pleasantly surprised with the results! I am not a big fan of sweeping the floors every other day. We have a lot of hardwood and tile flooring and it seems to attract dust and dog hair like crazy. The Robo Maid robotic duster makes short work of all that!

The RoboMaid uses a robotic ball to make it glide silently across your floor. It uses electrostatic pads to pick up dirt, dust, lint, and hair as it goes. Robo Maid changes direction automatically which ensures that it dusts the entire floor surface. The best part is that the RoboMaid goes under chairs and couches, tables, etc which means no more bending or moving furniture to clean the floor! This amazing robotic duster is cordless, and uses a rechargable battery.

Robo Maid robot ball duster No Longer Available Through This Site!