Trikke 8 Cycle

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Trikke 8 Scooter


Are you looking for a fun way for the whole family to get some exercise? Time Magazine voted the Trikke Scooter one of the coolest products of the year! The Trikke-8 is a three-wheeled cambering vehicle which is similar to a scooter but so much better!

The Trikke 8 is a human powered vehicle with handlebars, hand brakes, and a frame that leans while keeping all three wheels securely on the ground at all times! Use the Trikke scooter to do cool freestyle tricks, go on family outings, or just go out and get some fun exercise! Trikke supports up to 250 pounds and folds up for easy storage.

Since the Trikke-8 has three wheels, it providers riders with remarkable stability at all speeds – even standing still. It is a huge improvement over traditional scooters, skateboards, inline skates, and even bicycles! What makes the Trikke “scooter” really unique is the method of propulsion. Since it is a cambering vehicle, you use a combination of leaning and turning to get it moving. Click Here for a demonstration or to watch the Trikke Infomercial!

Through this special internet offer you can save almost $100 off the regular price of the Trikke 8! You also get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee! Save money and have fun with the whole family while getting exercise with the Trikke!