Dual Action Cleanse

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Do you feel bloated and heavy all the time? Do you sometimes feel sluggish and find it hard to concentrate? Now you can experience renewed energy, and feel light, unbloated, and clean inside with Dual Action Cleanse.

Did you know that hormones from livestock, pesticides, preservatives, and other pollutants are accumulating in your body? Your body can’t possibly filter out all of these toxins on its own, so you are left feeling tired, sluggish, heavy, and weak. The good news is you can clean all of this garbage from your intestines and organs with Dual Action Cleanser. Dual Action digestive cleansing not only rids your body of these unwanted toxins which are affecting your health, but it also “unclogs” your system promoting more regular, healthy bowel movements. Food flows through your digestive system more freely and waste is disposed of more efficiently, resulting in your feeling lighter, more energetic, and healthy.

Dual-Action Cleanse is a safe and effective all-natural herbal formula that gently and effectively rids your body of undigested waste, toxins, and fat. The Dual Action Cleanse system is 2 parts – the Total Body Purifier, and the Colon Clear Formula.

The Total Body Purifier contains 33 powerful and effective cleansing herbs. These herbs target 29 specific body parts including all of your body’s organs. It cleanses your filtering organs such as the liver and kidneys. These organs help keep you toxin free.

The Colon Clear formula will unclog your colon without causing loose stools or uncomfortable cramping. It also assists in cleansing your vital organs and lymphatic system. This colon cleanse contains a blend of 22 herbs and fibers which improve your digestive functioning and promotes healthy and regular bowel movements.