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Shamwow Super Absorbent Towels 16-Pack

Shamwow Super Absorbent Towels 16-Pack
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If you have seen the ShamWow commercial before, then you already know that ShamWow towels are so much more than towels – they are like a towel, chamois, and sponge all in one! They are perfect for any situation, including removing stains, washing, drying, or polishing surfaces, cleaning the family pet, and much more.

Sham Wow is so absorbant that it can hold up to 12x its own weight in liquid, and still not drip! They work perfectly wet or dry! You have never seen anything like this before! Check out some of the ShamWow reviews and see what people are saying.

Sham Wow cloths are machine washable, they won’t leave scratches on any surface, and they are guaranteed to last 10 years. Why waste money and space on an assortment of cleaning towels, sponges, and cloths when all you need is ShamWow!