Spountin Faucet Fountain

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Spountin turns any sink into a drinking fountain! With the Spountain faucet fountain there’s no need for bending down and cupping your hands to get a drink, or for drinking from the 1 cup that most bathrooms seem to have (does anyone actually drink from those?).

The Spountin installs in just minutes. Basically you just screw it on to the existing threads on your faucet and you have yourself a kitchen or bathroom sink fountain. All you do is flip the lever to use the fountain, and flip it back to use the regular faucet. Until now, if you wanted to have a drinking fountain in your home you’d probably have to spend a lot of money on the unit and installation costs. The Spountin sink fountain is a very inexpensive way to have a drinking fountain anywhere there is a sink.

Brushing teeth, rinsing your mouth, and even getting a drink of water is a whole lot easier (and there are a lot less dirty glasses to wash and put away every day). The kids love it, and it makes filling containers that are too big to fit into your sink a breeze.