YoshiBlade Ceramic Knife

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Yoshi Blade™

Yoshi Blade™
List Price: $18.45
Lowest Price: Too low to display.

Yoshi Blade is the amazing new ceramic knife that is over 40% sharper than steel blades. If you are tired of having a drawer full of dull knives and constantly having to sharpen them, then you need the YoshiBlade ceramic knife!

The secret to the lasting sharpness of YoshiBlade is its diamond-hard zirconium oxide ceramic blade. Yoshi Blade stays razor sharp for an extremely long time and rarely needs to be sharpened.

If you have looked at ceramic knives in stores, you will know that they can be very expensive. Through this special internet offer, you can get the Yoshi Blade for a fraction of the cost of other ceramic blades! Not only is it a great deal, but you will receive a free ceramic potato peeler as well!

YoshiBlade is the last knife you will ever need! It is guaranteed for life! If anything ever happens to your Yoshi Blade, it will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked! You can’t beat that guarantee! YoshiBlade is truly the world’s best ceramic knife.

When you order through this special offer, you will receive a free ceramic peeler. That’s not all! For a limited time you will also receive a second Yoshi Blade and ceramic peeler! Makes a great gift!