Hanging Strawberry Planters

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Hanging Strawberry Baskets

Do you love strawberries but hate the prices they charge at grocers? Are you tired of buying strawberries, only to have half of them go bad in just days? If you would like to save money, and have delicious, fresh strawberries whenever you want, you need the Hanging Strawberry Planter!

Many people only enjoy strawberries when they are in season and affordable. What a shame! As seen in the Hanging Strawberry Planters video, you can grow sweet, delicious strawberries indoors all year long. You will never have to wait for the right price or time of year again! Best of all, you will never have strawberries spoiling in your fridge because you can pick them fresh whenever you want them!

The Hanging Strawberry Baskets come with an 8.5 inch hanging basket, 3 Tri-star strawberry plants, and easy to follow instruction that will show you exactly how to grow strawberries in hanging pots. The Tri-Star strawberry plant was developed by the US Department of Agriculture and was created to bear fruit all year long. You can plant these strawberries in regular potting soil, or any other type of potting medium.

The Hanging Strawberry Garden also works wonderfully outdoors in warm weather. Growing strawberries in hanging baskets adds a nice decorative touch to any home.

When you order your Hanging Strawberry Baskets through this special offer, you will receive a second planter and 3 more plants free, just pay shipping.