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Bendaroos Creativity Center 100 pc

Bendaroos Creativity Center 100 pc
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Are you constantly looking for fun things for your kids to do to keep them away from the tv and video games? With Bendaroos sticks you can keep children entertained for hours, without the mess! Kids love them!

What are Benderoos? They are amazing, flexible building sticks that will provide hours of fun and entertainment while stimulating your child’s imagination and creativity. Use Benda roos to create amazing pictures, transform ordinary objects into fun creations, decorate, even create animals and build other fun toys! Watch the Bendaroos As Seen On TV video to see examples of their many uses.

Other crafts are fun, but can create such a mess! With Benderoos there are no messy crayons, markers, or pens, and no sticky glue! Just bend the colorful bendaroo sticks to create a drawing and when you are done, peel it off and bring it to life! Build a Tyrannosaurus Rex, transform paper plates into magical masks, the possibilities are endless. Unbend them and use them again and again!

Bendaroos sticks are perfect for long trips in the car, waiting for your meal in a restaurant, visiting grandparent’s house, and more! Bring them along whenever your children need something to keep them entertained.