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Stainless Steel ECO Canteen Water Bottle - 26oz

Stainless Steel ECO Canteen Water Bottle - 26oz
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EcoCanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

There is a reason bottled water has been so popular in recent years. As people are moving towards healthier choices, they are abandoning soft drinks and juices, and drinking more water. Water is so important to a healthy lifestyle! The problem is the plastic bottles!

Plastic water bottles are filling our landfills and are terrible for the environment! Using re-fillable plastic bottles does help to prevent this, but many of them contain BPA and other harmful chemicals that leech into your water! The Eco Canteen stainless steel canteen is the answer!

EcoCanteen is a stainless steel water bottle made with a non-porous surface that does not contain harmful chemicals. Stainless steel has been the material of choice for the food service industry for many many years.

The Eco Canteen features a wide mouth lid which is wide enough to easily take ice cubes. No more struggling with long brushes to try and clean your drinking bottle. The wide mouth means you can put it in the dishwasher and it will be thoroughly cleaned.

With its sports top and carabiner clip, you can easily take this stainless steel water bottle anywhere! It clips easily on to your backpack, purse, gym bag, or stroller. Take it on hikes, to your office, on runs, to the gym, and more! It is also perfect to use in your child’s lunch!

When you order the 26 oz Eco Canteen, you will also receive a free insulated tote. It fits perfectly and keeps your water or beverage nice and cold.

It’s time to say goodbye to plastic bottles! Save money, the environment, and your family’s health with Eco Canteen!