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Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Don’t you hate moving furniture around? Whether you are moving to a new home, painting a room, getting your carpets cleaned, or just re-arranging your furniture, all that heavy lifting is so much work! Forearm Forklift furniture moving straps make it so much easier!

Have you ever accidentally scratched your hardwood floor by dragging furniture across it? Furniture dollies can be hard on floors, and difficult to control, and often leave you and your furniture stuck in a doorway. With Forearm Forklifts, you can easily lift furniture safely off your floors and move it without damaging them!

Ever tried to move a fridge, washing machine, or large dresser and found yourself wishing there were somewhere to grab on to? Even worse, have you ever had a heavy appliance slip out of your hands? You don’t have to worry about that with ForearmForklift! You won’t believe how much easier lifting heavy furniture and appliances is with these furniture lifting straps! With a Forearm Forklift lift strap under each end of the furniture, it will be stable and impossible for it to slip!

No more sore backs! Forearm Forklifts use leverage to help you lift so that heavy items feel about half as heavy as they are! In addition, they are designed so that you don’t have to bend awkwardly when moving furniture. By keeping your back straight you avoid injury. The length is fully adjustable for lifting different sized items.

When you order Forearm Forklift moving straps you receive 2 lifting straps, a free 3.5 foot extension, free 16 piece felt pad multi pack, and free gripping gloves. Stop damaging your floors, walls, and furniture, and more importantly, your back. Order your ForearmForklift straps today!