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The Original Lens Dr

Don’t you just hate it when you spend hundreds of dollars on glasses only to cover the lenses in fine scratches in no time? No matter how hard you try to be gentle when cleaning them, it seems like just scratch so easily! You need LensDoctor lens treatment solution!

Lens Dr is the fast, easy way to fixed scratches lenses. You can use Lens Doctor on all types of glasses, whether they are made from glass or plastic, and it even works great for removing scratches from watches!

Sometimes scratched lenses aren’t as noticable during the day, but when you try to watch tv or use the computer at night, the scratches and scuffs make it so much harder to see. With the original Lens Dr, your glasses can be crystal clear again!

LensDoctor is made from a clear polymer that fills scratches and imperfections on your glasses, making them good as new! Simply spread it on your lenses with the special applicator and the scratches are gone!

Your Lens Doctor order will include the Micro-cleanser pre-treatment solution, the Lens Dr lens treatment, and a free bonus optical-quality lens cleaning cloth.