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PediPaws Pet Nail Trimmer

If you have ever tried trimming your pets nails yourself, then chances are you know how difficult that can be! The Pedi Paws nail trimmer makes the job so much easier and safer for your dog or cat!

Traditional pet nail clippers can cause nails to crack or splinter. They can press down on sensitive nerves, and you can easily trim them too much and cut too deep, causing pain for your pet. With PediPaws, you don’t have to worry about hurting your pet! The rotating emery band gently files thin layers off of your pet’s nails, and the protective guard helps to ensure that you don’t file too much off at once.

Pedi Paws pet nail trimmers trap the trimmings inside, so there’s no mess to clean up! Just empty it into the trash when you are done! Best of all, PediPaws will save you time and money because you can trim your pet’s nails yourself instead of paying the groomer to do it!

Veterinarians and groomers use and recommend PediPaws!