Smooth Away Hair Removal

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SmoothAway Hair Remover

Do you struggle with unwanted body hair? Waxing and plucking are so painful and shaving can leave razor bumps! Some of the hair removal treatments contain harsh chemicals that can leave a rash. Smooth Away hair remover pads are the pain free, safe, and easy way to remove unwanted hair!

SmoothAway hair remover pads are one of the most popular and best selling womens products in Europe. You can smooth away unwanted hair in just minutes, and exfoliate your skin at the same time. Your skin will be smoother and softer than ever before!

How does Smooth Away work? Smooth Away pads are covered in ultra fine crystals that gently buff away unwanted hair while exfoliating your skin. You can use the large pads on your underarms, legs, and arms, and anywhere on your body you have unwanted hair! Use the small Smooth Away pads on smaller areas like your upper lip and chin to remove facial hair. You will never have to shave again!

Smooth Away hair remover pads are great for bikini line hair removal. No more painful waxing or unsightly razor burn. Even men are using SmoothAway for facial, chest, and back hair, and more!

When you get Smooth Away through this special internet offer, you will receive 1 large Smooth Away with 4 replacement pads and 1 small Smooth away with 4 replacement pads. You will also receive a second set completely free – just pay S&H!