Bottle Tops for Cans

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Bottle Top Cold Beverage Koozie, Set of 12

Bottle Top Cold Beverage Koozie, Set of 12
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Bottle Tops As Seen On TV

Do you ever put a half-finished can of soda or beer in the fridge and go back the next day to find it has gone flat? Do you worry about spills when opening a can of soda for your children in the car? You need BottleTops!

With the BottleTop soda can top you can turn your favorite canned drink into a bottle with one simple snap. Obviously, it works equally well as a beer can top too!

Now you can travel without fear of you or your children spilling soda all over your car. You can drink half a soda, and save the rest for another time and it will still remain carbonated! Sit back and enjoy a canned beverage outside without worrying about bugs or dirt getting in.

Have you gotten out drinks for the whole family or guests and found that no one could remember which drink belonged to which person? Bottle Tops for cans come in a variety of colors so you will never have that problem again. BottleTops are dishwasher safe and reuseable!

Watch the Bottle Tops commercial and read some BottleTops review and see if you don’t agree that they are a great idea!

When you buy Bottle Tops through this special offer, you will receive 6 Bottle Tops in 6 different colors. You will also receive a second set FREE (just pay S&H)!