Perfect Brownie Pan

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Perfect Brownie Pan Set

Perfect Brownie Pan Set
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The Perfect Brownie Baking Pan

Don’t you hate it when you try to slice your freshly baked brownies and you end up with nothing but a mess? The brownies stick to the bottom of the pan, and you end up gouging the bottom of the pan with your knife… well no more with the Perfect Brownie pan!

Do you ever end up with a pan of brownies that is cooked around the edges, but raw in the middle? The PerfectBrownie is a unique baking pan that allows you to bake perfect brownies and other baked goods every time! The secret is the non-stick divider which allows each piece to be baked separately so that you end up with perfectly baked treats with no more raw centers.

Best of all, with the Perfect Brownie tray your brownies are already sliced for you. Simply remove the dividers and the removable tray bottom and your freshly baked brownies are ready-to-serve!

The PerfectBrownie pan and divider features an amazing non stick surface that is so slippery, you can use it to create any kind of baked treats and nothing will stick! From rice crispy squares to peanut butter and marshmallow treats, you’ll get perfect results every time! Each 11×7 pan creates 18 perfectly-sized brownies.

The Perfect Brownie Pan Set is so easy to use! Simply pour your batter in the pan, insert the divider, bake, and serve! No slicing or trying to to remove the squares with a spatula. The sides of the pan drop down and work as a stand and the pan becomes a serving tray!

Each Perfect Brownie set comes with the 11 x 7 baking pan, removable tray bottom, stand, non stick dividers, 10 bonus decorative stencils, and a special bonus Gooey Chewy Recipe Guide. If you are wondering where to buy Perfect Brownie baking pan, look no further! Click the order link below to order yours and receive the bonus stencils and recipe guide.

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