Grandpas 5001 Handyman Secrets

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Grandpa's 5001 Handyman Secrets As Seen On TV

Grandpa's 5001 Handyman Secrets As Seen On TV
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Do you wish you could do repairs around your home to save money but you’re just not sure how to do them? You might be surprised how easy it is to do some of these projects yourself! Sometimes all it takes is a few hints and tips to help you become a full fledged do-it-yourself expert! The Grandpa’s 5001 Handyman Secrets book is chock full of valuable, easy to understand hints and secrets that will save you money!

With 5001 Handy man secrets, you will learn just how quick and easy it is to do repairs and projects around your house. There are hundreds and hundreds of do-it-yourself books in any bookstore, so what makes this one unique? It contains over 5000 secrets that Grandma and Grandpa used to use to fix things around the house. These handyman tips can’t be found in any other books, and certainly nowhere else will they be found in one easy to understand book like 5001 Handyman Secrets!

5001 Handyman Secrets is organized by room, each section containing hundreds or thousands of tips for that room, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. You get thousands of useable tips and tricks that will save you money and time! In addition, you will receive a free copy of Dr. Bader’s Home Owners Handbook which contains great information about the seasonal maintenance of your home.

If you have always wanted to learn the secrets that Grandpa used to use around the home, and those tips and methods that professionals use to get things done easily and efficiently, then Grandpa’s 5001 Handyman Secrets is for you.