Tushee Towel

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Tushee Towel

Do you ever go outside to sit on your patio chairs only to find that they are wet from rain or dew? Do you often find yourself placing a towel on benches or poolside chairs so that you can sit more comfortably? Do you hate sitting on dusty, dirty surfaces outside? You need the Tushee towel!

The Tushy towel is long enough to fit perfectly over your favorite lounger, and is completely adjustable so that it works great on any chair, bench, or sitting surface. Ordinary towels just fall off, get bunched up, or blow away. Not the TusheeTowel! It fits perfectly and securely over any seat and protects your clothing from dirt, dust, and moisture. It also makes any seat much more comfortable!

The TusheeTowel is great for patio furniture, public benches, public transportation, stadium seating, boats, poolside loungers, and so much more! It even molds perfectly to any car seat for added comfort and to protect your car seats from spills, dirt, and pets.

Tushee comes in 3 colors: navy blue, burgundy, and sand (beige). You can choose between a lounger or original Tushy towel. When you order, you will receive a Tushee Sport for free (just pay S&H)! You will also receive a free Tushee tote!

Order a Tushee Original or Lounge and receive a FREE Tushee Sport. Click Here!