Omni Dual Saw

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DualSaw QuadForce 115 Circular Saw

DualSaw QuadForce 115 Circular Saw
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Dual Saw As Seen On TV

Are you tired of dangerous saw kickback and poor cuts made by regular circular saws? Do you often have to change blades to cut different types of materials? Introducing the revolutionary Omni dual blade saw.

The Omni DualSaw is a cut above other circular saws. Its unique dual saw blades rotate in opposite directions, allowing you to cut in any direction without fear of kickback. This type of dual blade saw design is so powerful that you can cut pretty much any type of material without changing blades. Whether you want to cut pvc or metal pipe, lumber, plywood, pressboard, or stainless steel, tin, or more, you will get a perfect cut every time with this dual saw cutter.

This professional grade saw will quickly become one of your prized tools due to its precision and versatility. You can plunge cut through any material without the need for pilot holes. To get the most precision cuts, you can move the saw both backwards and forwards – don’t try that with a regular circular saw! In addition, you will notice much less splintering and breaking.

The tungsten carbide-tipped blades along with the powerful 900 watt motor make this saw the first choice when cutting metals and hard materials. The DualSaw’s lubrication system keeps the blades cool enough that you won’t warp or overheat metals when cutting.