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Crazy Critters 6 pack

Crazy Critters 6 pack
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Does your dog destroy cushions, stuffed animals, and whatever else he can get ahold of? Do you hate to leave your dog at home alone for fear of what you will find when you return? Dogs become destructive because they get bored and have nothing to play with. You need CrazyCritters!

If your dog loves to play with stuffed animals, Crazy Critters are the safe, healthy toy your dog will love. Regular stuffed animals are not made to be pet toys and get destroyed in no time, leaving stuffing all over the house. CrazyCritters are stuffing-free and extremely durable, and made to take any punishment your dog can give. They are machine washable, so you can easily keep them clean.

Now you can get 6 Crazy Critters for the price of one! These realistic looking toys have squeakers in the head and tail to provide your dog with hours of fun every day. CrazyCritters are 24 inches long, so they also make great pull toys, and can even be used as training aids!

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