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Always Fresh Containers - 10 Pc.

Always Fresh Containers - 10 Pc.
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Do you ever have to throw away fruits or vegetables because they have gone bad much faster than you expected? Are you tired of making constant trips to the grocery store because your produce never seems to stay fresh? If you would like to keep your food fresh for weeks longer, then you need the Always Fresh Container System!

Don’t you just hate it when there’s a sale on produce so you buy a little extra to save money, but end up having to throw it away because it doesn’t last? AlwaysFresh containers prolong the life of all fruits and vegetables, so you can take advantage of sales and actually save money.

Always Fresh storage containers are so much more than a fresh produce container! They are also great for storing bread. When you store bread in ordinary plastic bags it can go moldy in as little as a week. With these amazing containers your bread will last for 2 or more weeks and still remain fresh! They are also perfect for prolonging the life of leftovers.

All types of product release natural gases during ripening. When these gases are trapped in plastic containers or bags, it speeds up the spoiling process and causes degradation of the vitamins in the food. Always Fresh storage containers contain natural minerals which neutralize the gases, allowing you to keep your food fresh longer and reduce loss of important vitamins!

AlwaysFresh containers are also great for freezing food without fear of freezer burn. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.