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Awesome Auger

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Awesome Auger – Makes Yard Work Easy!

Do you hate spending hours in the yard and garden planting, pulling weeds, digging, and getting tired and dirty? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do your yard work in a fraction of the time? You can with the AwesomeAuger!

The Awesome Auger is an auger extension that fits into any drill and takes all of the hard work out of maintaining your yard and garden. No more bending, digging, pulling weeds, backaches or blisters!

Now you can plant flowers and bulbs quickly and easily. In fact, you can plant twice as many in half the time. If you have a large garden or flower beds, imagine all of the time you can save!

Use AwesomeAuger to cut roots, dig up weeds, dig holes, till through soil, and easily cut through hard rock or clay. You can even use it to stir paint or mix concrete!

Don’t have a drill? No problem! For a limited time, the Awesome Auger comes with a bonus drill! You also receive a bonus bulb aug for planting bulbs.

Hate pulling weeds? You also receive a free Awesome Auger weeder with 18″ extender. No more hours spent bent over picking and pulling weeds! Let the weeder do all of the work for you!

It’s so strong that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If it ever breaks, it will be replaced!

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