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The Zashu Knife – the only knife your kitchen needs!

What is the Zasshu Knife? It is a hybrid knife that is 3 knives in one! You get the versatility of a chef’s knife, the chopping power of a cleaver, and the cutting edge of a mezzaluna knife!

Zasshu knives are perfectly balanced, making them super easy to use. You can use them to chop all types of foods, from vegetables to meat to cheese. The blade is scalloped which helps prevent food from sticking to the knife. The handle of the Zasshu chef knife features a rubber inset grip so it won’t slip while you are using it, and it is extremely comfortable to hold and use.

Zaashu knives are made of strong, durable japanese steel. They stay sharp and precise much longer than ordinary kitchen knives.

You will love the Zashu knife so much, it will quickly become your one go-to knife for all of your kitchen cutting. It is backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. If it’s not the best knife you have ever used, simply send it back for a full refund!

For a limited time, you will get a free Zasshu paring knife free when you order. One chef knife can cost as much as $100. You can get the Zasshu knife set including the Zashu Knife and the paring knife for less than half of that! Also included is a handsome wooden storage and display box. Order your Zasshu set today!