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AlumaWallet – the ultimate aluminum wallet!

Tired of bulky wallets that you can barely stuff into your pockets? Do you worry about people being able to steal your credit card information just by passing by you with a chip reader? You need Aluma Wallet – the lightweight, thin, indestructible wallet that holds all of your cards and money in less space!

The Aluma Wallet is an ultra slim wallet that is great for both men and women. It easily fits into your pockets without feeling bulky. The outer casing is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, making it nearly indestructible.

Have you ever been out in the rain and gotten your wallet wet, damaging its contents? The AlumaWallet is waterproof. You can take it with you anywhere without fear of water damage.

Do you ever have to swipe your cards over and over trying to get them to work? Regular wallets cause damage to the magnetic strips in cards causing them to stop working. This wallet actually protects the cards from damage, ensuring that they will work for years to come.

You may have heard recently about thieves who walk around with RFID scanners and steal people’s credit card information just by passing the reader near them. The Aluma Wallet is designed to protect you from this by shielding the chips in your cards from readers!

This aluminum wallet features an easy touch latch and accordion design that gives you easy access to all of your cards and cash. The casing and trim are an attractive combination.

When you order through this special internet offer, you will receive a second AlumaWallet for free – just pay S&H!